This premium service is designed for professionals and individuals who
demand the utmost performance from their piano.  

Voicing controls the quality of the tone the instrument projects.  Piano tuning is adjusting the tension of
the strings to set them at the proper pitch. In the voicing procedure, work is done on the texture and density
of the hammer felt and on the hammers' fit to the strings to create the most beautiful sound.

The first step in achieving good piano touch is
regulating the action. That means making all the proper
adjustments so the action plays as it was designed to play, so that every key plays and repeats reliably.
Usually we regulate to factory specifications, but it is possible to make small modifications to
accommodate a player who wants faster repetition, more control with soft playing, or more power.

There are three things that determine
touch weight:  1. Weight of the parts, 2. The friction between the
parts, and 3.The geometry of the design.

Artist Concert Preparation  can help by analyzing and modifying the action to meet your needs.
Hammer weight, key weight, center pin friction, and capstan position are the most likely variables in the
equation to set your piano's touch weight to your liking.

This service is available from $350 up.  Personal conversations and testing with the performer are usually
necessary depending on requirements..

Standard tuning and voicing service is also available for older pianos needing regulation and voicing
to original factory specs.   Some limitations to this type of work apply and are set by piano condition,
maker, design and other factors.
 Artist Concert Preparation is reserved for new or near new
premium quality instruments and does not include rebuilding or restoration.