Walnut Satin - Original finish - 1963
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This original condition Baldwin Model R has resided for 40 years in the same home and has been
very carefully maintained.   Only minor work would be necessary bring the piano back to almost pristene
condition.  This work would entail complete detailing, very minor retouch, tuning and some touch-up regulation and
voicing.  However it is playable as it sits and it ready to go.  This piano is the Queen Anne version of the Model R.
Very difficult to find and is a gem of a find for a student or an elegant piano for the home.
KeyArts will perform any work needed for full function and appearance.

Attitional restoration would entail new hammers, key top restoration, bushings and/or restringing plus full voicing and
regulation to bring it back to NEW performance condition. Call for quotes or for more information about this piano.