KeyArts Houston presents the HOUSTONIA piano.

This piano is available with premium upgrades and options that are only found on more expensive
pianos.  In achieving this goal for the
Houstonia piano, KeyArts Houston has taken the best Chinese
production instrument and applied superior technical and tonal finishing resulting in an instrument of
lower cost and superior quality than similar standard grade pianos such as Hardman, G. Steck and
others.  Better in price with significant options, the artistic merit of the
Houstonia will indeed separate it
from the typical.   Houstonia is a piano that is the equal of similar instruments at a much lower price
with unquestionable excellence and beauty even if upgrades and options are not purchased.   

KeyArts Houston with the
Houstonia piano, will provide a quality piano to meet the demands of many
pianists. The
Houstonia has graced some of the High-end home shows and has been instrumental as
a statement of lifestyle in homes of distinction.  It has been instrumental in the sale of several homes
just because of the artistic ambiance it brings with it.  

These pianos are suitable for churches, teachers and yes, just to fill a space at the nexus of a spiral
staircase or in a music room for family music and student use.  Many of our clients will continue to
choose from our lines of Yamaha and Kawai as the artistic standard, yet the
Houstonia will provide
excellent performance at a reasonable price.  In addition player systems with record features can be
added to any of the models of grand pianos for additional use for entertainment and for social events.  

The tone of the 6'1" Model is superb as well as the smaller versions.  With the addition of QRS,
PianoDisc, I.Q. Player systems, the piano will become a center of music for the family and all at a price
that reflects the current economic trends...more for your dollar at KeyArts with the
Houstonia piano.

HOUSTONIA...The Flower of Music:
Named after the species
Houstonia caerulea L., which can be found in the easter Ozark region of
Missouri.  This plant is easy to identify in the field because it has large flowers for such a small plant.  
The flowers can be white to blue and a single flower terminates each thin stem.  The
Houstonia piano
parallels the qualities of this flower...providing an unexpected quality fo touch, tone and appearance in
its price range.  The name was chosen because KeyArts is a Houston piano company and the two
namesakes seem to blend to perfection.