KeyArtsTM Music Studio    LAKE JACKSON
Mr. Pessarra is available for piano and organ lessons, dedications, organ consultation, instruction,  services
and weddings.   KeyArts Piano of Houston and KeyArts Music Studio are owned and operated by Anthony in the
Clear Lake area  with sales of Yamaha, Kawai, and other pianos.  For more information see:  

Instruction/coaching is available to organists and pianists.  He also assists students with pipe organs and the
use and operations of Allen and other classical makes of digital church organs.  Mr. Pessarra also personally
designs and builds custom organ mirrors for organists throughout the U.S.A.  His interest extends beyond the
organ and piano to astronomy, photography, and nutritional medicine.

Anthony's style of teaching is European, where practice is expected. The European piano method concentrates
primarily on those skills needed for performance: sight reading, an understanding of the basics of theory and
analysis, the finger skills needed for playing difficult passages, and the practice of scales, chords, and arpeggios
at a high level of execution.  Therefore the more familiar students are with these three technical skills of playing,
the faster and more skilfully they can play almost any piece of music written for piano.

Most teachers who teach the European piano method require only a few pieces of repertoire per year, although
these pieces may be several pages long even in the second year. Students are not assigned a new piece of
repertoire until they have mastered the expression of the composition: tempo, dynamics, phrasing,
expressiveness, and musicality of the current piece.

Touring with a Rogers 925, 3 manual organ in the 1980's, he performed the works of J. S. Bach with
commentary and lighting effects for a variety of audiences.  He was also Music Department Chairman for
Brazosport Community College.   During this time he was organist for First Methodist Church, Lake Jackson and
FirstPresbyterian in Galveston.   Other appointments were at Hyde Park Baptist Church, Austin and St. Phillip
Presbyterian, St. Matthew Lutheran Houston, and First Lutheran ELCA in Shreveport, LA., Bellaire UMC.

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