Weddings over the centuries have included everything from classical soloists to full orchestras
and choirs.  The Music Director and/or Organist  will be able to advise you, whether you want a
traditional wedding or something with a bit of a difference. The following will be helpful information
to get you started.

There is usually at least one hymn sung during a wedding service. Try to find hymns that are
familiar to your guests - and are easy to sing!  The Pastor or the organist at the church will be
pleased to help you decide.  You can also listen to some of the most well-loved church wedding
hymns during your consultation with the

The Organist
Organ music is the traditional choice for weddings with additions of vocal solos, instrumental
music and  the Organist, (or the Director of Music), can advise you on hymns and processional
music. The capabilities and the type of organ should be taken into account, so do seek their
opinion even if you have already chosen some hymns.  The existing organ at FPCG is temporary
as plans proceed for a significant addition of a large concert instrument.

Consultation with the Pastor and Wedding Liaison
You will meet separately with the Pastor, Director of Music and/or the Organist as well as the
Wedding Liaison.  The Wedding Liaison at FPCG includes helpful people at the church who will
assist the planning of your wedding.   Wedding coordination and other services will provide
assistance to make your wedding flow perfectly.  A wedding booklet is available for complete
information about weddings at FPCG.  Request this from the church office.
The door is always open, so please call anytime for questions as your planning proceeds.

The Chancel Choir & Chancel Ensemble
The church choir or ensemble groups can be present at your wedding to provide selected music.
Other possibilities include suitable solo music for the prelude or during the service.
Secular music is not approved for the wedding service and recorded music is not allowed.

The Music of the Service
To accompany the attendants and the bride’s walk down the aisle, many couples choose the
"traditional" wedding processionals.  However, there is scope for other music, so if you would like
to explore, please talk to the Organist and review the music list at the end of this page.  Listen to
the music files below of  the great processionals and service music that are performed world-
First Presbyterian Church, Galveston - Organist