WEBER  (Young Chang) Model WG57
5'7" Grand Piano Polish Walnut, 1998, Negotiable
979-292-8260 - - Anthony

SN: 117168
Information from Weber - Young Chang

Spruce soundboards with the highest sound-transmission coefficient
For soundboards, Young Chang uses A-class northern spruce, which provides
an excellent sound-transmission coefficient.
Young Chang’s ingenious soundboard design includes a low-note portion shaped like a round speaker with creases,
optimizing the efficiency of vibration and effect of
resonance and creating a deep, rich tone.

Precise action that expresses the pianist's emotion more delicately
The three factors of beautiful sound in a piano - volume, tone and quality - depend on the precise action of the sound-
producing mechanism of a piano. The action of a Young Chang piano, consists of 4,500 parts, each manufactured with
an error tolerance of 5/100mm, and made of hard maple to resist deformation from excessive use.

A keyboard that conveys the soul of the pianist
Young Chang keyboards are made of wood with lower specific gravity but higher elasticity, giving the pianist a softer yet
firm sense of touch.

Hammers conveying the dynamic expression of the pianist
Hammers are adjusted to strike the strings in less than 1/250 of a second. They are constructed with maple, walnut or
mahogany and elastic hammer felt, providing a sensitive, dynamic response to the expression of the pianist.

Pin blocks made of 17-layer laminated panel to raise bearing power
The continuity of tone is emphasized when a piano is located in a concert hall or school auditorium. To ensure the
bearing stress of tuning pins and maintain tuning stability, Young Chang pin blocks are made of 17-layer hard-maple
laminated panel
with layers glued at right angles.

Frames cast through the V-Process construction method
According to acoustic theory, piano frames must bear up to 20 tons of string tension. The frame, which also plays a
crucial role in the alignment of strings, is produced through the V-Process, an electrical vacuum-casting method, in the
Young Chang foundry.

Rims optimizing soundboard resonance
Round rims at the low-note portions prevent sound diffusion and
optimize the resonance of the soundboard.

Partnering with Delwin D Fandrich, Consulting for the highest craftsmanship in piano design
Delwin D. Fandrich was the Director of Piano Research & Development for the Baldwin Piano & Organ Co., the largest
piano maker in the U.S. He has worked as a Steinway service manager in Portland, Oregon, and is now consulting and
lecturing for piano makers in the USA, Europe, Australia and China. Since 2008, he has worked with Young Chang as
technical consultant. Fandrich Consulting has helped Young Chang to evolve into the
premium piano maker that it is today.

The Soft-glide System available as an additional piano feature.