Our Yamaha Grand & Vertical Pianos are built and restored in Japan.   Pictured are the typical
models that we stock in Houston and in the import warehouse.  Click to see the current list of
pianos available click here  All Yamaha pianos that have been restored to
"new" condition carry a 10 Year
Warranty same as new and is transferable.  We do have "used"
pianos from time to time.  These Yamaha pianos carry a 1 year warranty. Our piano list is updated

Typical Grand Piano models are:
C3, 6'1",   C5, 6'6",   C7, 7'6" Semi-Concert Grand,   CF9, 9' Concert Grand.
G Series Grands in most sizes at slightly lower cost.

Typical Vertical Upright Piano models are:
U3, U1, UX, UX1, UX3, U10A, U2  and others.  
See paino list FOR MORE.

Polish Ebony finishes are standard with occasional natural wood grain and white polish.
Concert Preparation
is available on any piano at additional cost.  Let us know what model you are
interested in and we will reserve a piano for 24 hours pending you decision.   We will also place
your name on our "want" list if you are looking for specific hard-to-find pianos such as the C7 and
C9.  Yamaha 5' and 5'3" pianos are scarce and hard to find.  In order to acquire the smaller
models you must call ahead to allow time to search factory inventories and restoration schedules.  
CF9- 9' Concert Grand Piano                             C5/G5 - 6'6" Grand Piano
(Special search only)
S4 Custom hand made 6'3" Grand Piano                  C2, C3 & G series grands
(available special search only)                                    5'7" - 6'1"  sizes