YAMAHA S-400B, 6'3"
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YAMAHA S-400 B, 6'3"


These photos represent the typical S400B model.

There is no way to adequately describe the sound of this piano.  The hand-
made  S400B, is a  rare European-voiced Yamaha.  The piano is 6'3".  This is
for the lucky musician!!! that is a fact!  if you can find one.

As Yamaha says themselves:
"For more than a century, Yamaha
has worked to elevate the pianomaker’s
art, pioneering numerous
innovations and improvements and
amassing unparalleled expertise in
all facets of design and construction.
Since the 1982 introduction
of the S400B, followed by the
S400E and S700E in 1990, that
expertise has found eloquent
expression in Yamaha S Series
grand pianos—instruments which
offer the attributes of a full-concert
grand at more accommodating dimensions.
Drawing on the latest Yamaha
advances, today’s S4 and S6 grand
pianos are instruments of unprecedented
excellence. Individually
handcrafted from the very finest
materials to the highest professional
standards in the Yamaha concert
grand workshop, they provide the
superlative tone, touch and artistic
control demanded by the most
accomplished musicians. They are,
quite simply, the most impressive
and expressive pianos of their size
that Yamaha has ever made."