A personal note from Anthony and Kathy Pessarra

"Ever since my first wedding at age 11, I knew that I would be playing for many weddings in the
future.  Only later did I realize just what that means in terms of years of dedicated practice in order
to acquire the musical and organ skills necessary.  
As I progressed as a novice organist with my first positions at Episcopal and Presbyterian
churches,  I continued through high school and advanced study
at the University level. There I was able to put ambition and technique together
to perform the great music of the church for the wedding ceremony."

" During my career, the long hours of practice have been more than compensated for by the the
joy that couples found in having their wedding surrounded by ageless music of master composers
that is destined to endure for centuries.  I have no doubt that the music of Bach, Handel, Vivaldi,
Mulet, Franck, Jeremiah Clarke and other composers and organists, both old and new will continue
to prove their merit as occasional music for the profound events of our lives...
especially Christian marriage."

"It is my intent to provide the highest quality music for every wedding service.  In
meeting with couples, we discuss the music of the service and address all questions
regarding music & musicians.  It is my goal to create programs of memorable
music for the couple and their guests.  During our meeting we will hear many musical selections
appropriate to the wedding service.  Requests are welcome."
C. Anthony Pessarra

"The marriage service is one of the most sacred and beautiful of all services
of the Church. It is a worship service in which two persons in the company of their
loved ones and friends pledge themselves to each other under the blessing of God
and are united in Christian Marriage."

"It is my sincere desire your wedding is distinctively Christian and
distinctively you.  Anthony will arrange music that glorifies Jesus Christ and
reflects your unique style and personality.  With careful consideration, your
wedding music preparations are made with this in mind."  

"Anthony will work with you to schedule and coordinate music, musicians and,
rehearsals.  Private consultation regarding music
should be scheduled at least six weeks or more in advance of your special day.
For ambitious musical programs, lead times should be six months ahead planning."

                                          Kathleen Pessarra