Providing Organs & Pianos Of Distinction

KeyArts Piano of Houston

Kathy & Anthony
                                          "Come on in, the water is fine"

Why choose KEYARTS for your piano purchase, service and transportation?  That’s a great
question that we answer a few hundred times each year. The bottom line answer?
We are one of Houston’s most trusted and dependable piano sales and service companies
and more than likely we will have the capability to save your money, get the highest quality
pianos and provide services for all your musical needs.  We are in the business of
saving people money and offering our friends and clients discounted prices, service,
piano moving, repairs, and piano preparation services.

We say it all the time: We all look for people in life that we can trust; people we can believe in;
people with whom we share a common bond. We realize we hold to a much higher standard
in our business relationships than many. We want to assure you that KEYARTS
is a company that will treat you fairly and exceed your expectations.

In the confusing and sometimes deceiving sales and service claims, you have discovered a
company that operates a bit different than most.  We don't answer to a Board of Directors
or hungry financial investors. Actually, the company is a family owned business that has a fine
history...and we want to stay that way, and in the real world, you do that by treating people right.

Anthony Pessarra,  has built his group of satisfied customers from the ground up by helping
friends, churches and musicians to save money and acquire the best instruments.  But he
hasn't done it all alone.  There are now 1000’s of customers that have assisted his efforts to
reach others who have been looking for the right piano company, the right piano at the right
price. People have come to the realization all over Houston, that after you have shopped
everywhere you will end up at KEYARTS.  We sell Kawai and Yamaha grands and upright...
the newest models and better pianos at less cost than our competitors.

I’m sure you would recognize many of KeyArts'  well-known clients and buyers should you
desire to “check us out” a bit further.  We would love to add you to our list of “happy
customers” and we will do whatever it takes to make you a customer for life.

Anthony  understands that our reputations and ethics count for more
than mere price and pianos…give us the privilege of providing a superlative acoustic
piano... grand or upright for your music space.

Anthony's motto is:
"Character is determined by what you do when nobody is looking."

His business ethic is: " Provide fair prices and accommodation to our customers."

His concise statement about KEYARTS is:  BEST PIANOS - BEST PRICES

Call or email Anthony,  he will give you his best insight and information regarding your
concerns and questions in choosing an instrument.   After that he will give you a guided
tour of dozens of pianos that you can play and hear played until you find the right one for you.