The Organs of Kilgore and Longview

Lots of organ fun with various organists...and road trips to play and record.

Roy Perry's
BIG DADDY (so called), was the stop on the pedal division.. It is a 32" tall pedal reed...Bombarde!
A fitting name for it.

The horizontal trumpets was the first instance of the
en chamade placement of trumpets in Texas.

At Longview, we called the First Baptist Church,
"The East Texas Cathedral",  and Virgil Fox did a stunning performance
"in the grand manner".  He greeted audience after the concert...and he knew their names even after many years
between visits to Longview.  Many ladies were flattered when he would say, "...
it is so good to see you again Dorthy...",
"...My goodness Mrs. Esteridge, I am so pleased that you came again to see me play."
That was Virgil....he knocked them all over with his personality and performance...and they loved it.
Many organs have been played, and when visited again after years, they are like old friends and bring back
memories of past musical glory.  

PDF file about the Kilgore and Longview Organs