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For our internet sales of Kawai and Yamaha Pianos we provide the
same high quality service as we do with local sales in Houston.  The following list of
things to do before considering the purchase of a piano will provide the ground work
for a relationship built on trust and understanding.  

Quality Issues
The pianos we sell via the internet are the same quality as the ones we have in our
showroom/warehouse for our local customers.  In fact often the identical one on our
floor is shipped to a long distance customer.  Most pianos are shipped direct from our
import warehouse to our buyers and are crated.   This saves $$.  You may purchase a piano
from our Houston stock, however the shipping cost is higher.  Call for a quote.  

We provide an absolutely factual representation of the piano in writing with a detailed
notation of ANY minor defect, scratch, or abrasion or condition that may still exist after our
extensive preparation procedure.  Crated pianos cannot be photographed.  See our warranty.

We can provide  high resolution photographs of general and specific areas of the
piano that you request if possible.  We use an 8 mega-pixel camera and transmit images
up to about 1 megabyte in size if you request it.  This level of detail allows you to
reach out and touch"
the instrument.  Pianos shipped from our warehouse cannot be
photographed and are covered by our warranty.  

To transport the piano we use the specialty piano carrier, Keyboard
Carriage or other similar services.  They are fully insured, bonded and have a superb record
of safe shipments.  Should there be any shipping damage the defect will be repaired to new
condition.  Our experience of over the years show only one situation where slight repairs
were required after delivery.  Remember that pianos are heavy and can in some instances
sustain slight shipping abrasions...but rarely do when properly crated or wrapped.

The cost of shipping and delivery varies with the piano and generally ranges from
c. $250-$750 depending on circumstances and the piano size and type and certain
promotions where shipping costs are co-paid.
To give a quote we need your zip code and any other "problem" situations such as
steps, stairs, hills, no concrete, elevators etc.

Personal Trust
Please visit the website for an overview of our business, family and personal history.
Our family takes particular pride in the highest integrity in business.  
Our customers come much so that we will turn down a sale for
a specific piano if we feel it to be even slightly below standards.  Slight seconds are not
sold to our Internet customers unless you
specifically request a lower priced piano and will
accept a few slight cosmetic defects.  Technical operation is always perfect.

We feel that credit card or bank wire are the safest methods of quickly transferring
funds.  We do accept checks with the appropriate clearing period before shipping.

State sales taxes or other use taxes are your responsibility.  We do not charge sales
tax on  Internet out-of-state purchases.

Local delivery must be with a your local mover which we will help to locate if necessary.
We are very particular when hiring movers and technicians to transport and
service Yamaha and Kawai pianos.   Keyboard Carriage 18 wheel carriers can only deliver to
commercial locations and are not set up to deliver pianos directly to residential zoned areas.  
Some exceptions are possible and we can provide "door to door" service if requested.  This
service will be generally more expensive and shipping time can be longer.

We will work with you for the very best price on any model while still providing
quality service and follow-through on your purchase.  We will sell a "bare bones" piano if
you agree and are knowledgeable regarding piano technology etc.  A "bare bones" sale does
not include warranty, bench, care kit, caster cups but could save several hundred
dollars depending on the model.  This service is limited to experienced pianists, musicians,
technicians and professionals in the field of music, piano, commercial music and other similar
backgrounds.  However the high quality of the piano will always be the same.

Our warranty and quality assurance policies provide protection for you in the event of
a defective instrument or catastrophic damage in transit.  A full refund will be made or another
instrument will be shipped in the case of unrepairable defective or damaged instruments.  
This is so rare as to be a negligible possibility.

Current  Piano Lists & Houston Inventory
These lists vary daily and are updated monthly.
Please CALL (281-488-2055) or Email:
C. Anthony Pessarra, KeyArts
for a price quote on any item.

NOTE:   In order to speed delivery and maintain low prices, pianos are shipped
from our import warehouse.  Pianos can be shipped from Houston inventory
but shipping costs are higher.  All pianos shipped crated or otherwise, are insured for
damage.   Local movers inspect the piano when delivered to determine if there has been
any shipping damage.   As of this date, 2008, we have had no significant shipping damage
that required refunds, returns or repairs.  
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