1. KeyArts and “Golden Age” pianos, hand-crafted in American factories, during the time that attention to
detail, was the order of the day.  Some of these piano were excellent, others were not and have gone the way of
all flesh.  We have carefully selected the best examples of fine instruments, some rebuilt and some
refurbished close to new condition. Visit to see our vintage pianos that will provide a real choice in the selection
of a good piano at the finest price available.

2. Over the last three decades, Japanese pianos have established an enviable reputation in churches,
studios and concert venues.  Since some people lean toward digital instruments, our restored Yamaha and
Kawai pianos are available from 40% - 70% of the cost of new and are far better than any electronic instrument.

3. Today’s best piano values, due to currency exchange rates, come from the Chinese factories.  Not just any
piano, but the “Steinway” of Chinese pianos, the PERZINA.  We also represent a very high qualit piano,  the
Hardman-Peck.  The Hardman provides high quality and price values plus Piano Disc players and a wide
range of styles and finishes. The history of this piano dates back over 100 years in America.  

Other Chinese pianos are just standard piano quality with new names.  Don't be taken in by the hype on
Chinese pianos...there are only a scattering of a few that are worth the trouble deal with.  The Perzina
represents the European high quality standards and the Hardman heritage provides quality and a variety of
models and finishes plus factory installed
Piano Disc player systems.   

Visit and look at the old-world craftsmanship and attention to detail that is available on the artist-level pianos
built by
Perzina. These pianos are made with European parts assembled in China under the supervision of the
Perzina technical staff and are indeed the best value and compete successfully with other European pianos.   
With these pianos you have choices such as the Renner action, Renner hammers and beautiful cabinetry.  
Truly the best value because they are the “Steinway” of Chinese manufacturing.  

You will find the tone and action of the Perzina vertical and grand piano (when properly prepared by a dealer)
are comparable to either “group 1” or “group 2” rated pianos listed in the Larry Fine Piano Book.  These pianos
include Steinway, Bluthner, Bechstein, Schimmel, Seiler, Haessler, and Sauter.