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We have quite a few pianos that are available as rentals at reasonable rates.
We provide all information about our pianos.

The slick salesmen that try to get you to pay more
There are always those that will tell you anything to enroll you in a rental piano.
The problem is that some of them will try to sell you an old piano that has been polished
and tell you that older pianos are better.  Thus they put you in a box so you rent that piano
and the purchase price is way over priced.  Here is what you have to watch out for.

EXAMPLE: Business A wants you to rent a Yamaha U1 and tells you it was built in the 60's and it has a
better tone because some of these had cast-iron plate whereas the newer ones have steel alloy.  They
tell you that the cast iron has better "tone".  Really??  They then charge you a rental fee and lock you
into a purchase at about $3800 or more.  Keep in mind that smart people buy the newest that
they can afford and make sure that they are not being taken to the cleaners with an old piano that will
never be sold in the $3500 and up.  There goes your equity.

So, now you are paying rental and eventually they want you to buy it for a high price, when all you had
to do is call KeyArts and get a price on that piano before you sign up.  We sell those types of pianos in
the range of $2200-$2900 including delivery, tax and trade up if needed...and our pianos are real
AAA first class instruments with almost everything new.

Actually if you send us a copy of your rental agreement, we can probably save you anywhere from
$300 to $1000 on your rent/purchase agreement. out for the "experts" and the slick talkers trying to impress you with their "expertise".
Some buyers never even look at the serial number to find out the age of the piano.
Here is the
SN Chart for Yamaha and Kawai. Click to find out and if your rental plan looks funny and
does not add up, then call us. It is possible that we can save lots of your money for you
and get you a newer, better piano.

The real problem is that these S
lick-willies will tell you just enough and hope you won't ask any more
questions.  The omission of information that a buyer needs to select intelligently will probably never
be disclosed by a
Slick-willy.  Watch em!!  

At KeyArts we sell top quality pianos for less.

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