STEINWAY Model "S", 5'1", 1936
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Another piano below is showing a complete restoration and rebuild.  The finish can be done best in brown mahogany but can be done in red
mahogany or any other color including ebony.   

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The Steinway Model S is considered by many to be the quintessential "baby grand piano." At just over five feet in length, this piano is often used as a "concert piano" for small venues, churches,
apartments, living rooms, music rooms and music parlors. Its mechanics are as exacting as any of the Steinway grand models, with excellent tone and the famous Steinway piano action touch
response (with legato, presto, prestissimo, staccato and monotone techniques easily achieved). Its range of volume -- from pianissimo to forte to sforzando -- is excellent when played within a proper
space, and of course, when expertly tuned and regulated.

Steinway S Specifics




57 1/2"


540 lb


12 hard rock maple laminations, 2 1/8" thick


Bavarian Spruce



Steinway S 1936 Mahogany
Serial #288385
Year: 1936
Model: S
Size: 5′ 1″
Style: Traditional
Finish: Satin
Color/Wood: Mahogany
Condition: Original Condition
Retail Price by Steinway New: over US $45,000
Retail Selling Price: US $21,500

1936 was the first year for the Steinway Model S and a great many were produced. “Josef Hofmann was so enthusiastic,” writes Richard Lieberman in Steinway & Sons (Yale University Press, 1995),
“that he bought 50 such pianos for the Curtis Institute.” It is in mahogany, has ivory keys, and is in excellent condition, great tuning stability and has large volume with plenty of sustain.

The case is very clean and the soundboard is tight. It has perfect ivory keys, tunes well, and plays excellently. It’s somebody’s home piano, with a wonderfully interesting history. Make it yours today!

Approximate refinish colors available: dark mahogany or red tint mahogany